Power Quest - Survive

Power Quest - Survive

"Survive" taken from the new Power Quest album "Blood Alliance" - Released 26th January in Japan and March 28th 2011 worldwide. Line-up: Chity Somapala - Vocals Andy Midgley - Guitars Gavin Owen - Guitars Steve Williams - Keyboards Paul Finnie - Bass Rich Smith - Drums
RT @CornelWest: The quest for truth & good require us to let suffering speak, and demand social misery be put on the agenda of those with power.

#WhenIWasAKid everyday feels like a Monday! And Power Rangers and Johnny Quest seems like a cool tv series !

Who had the better album? A Tribe Called Quest's "Midnight Marauders" or 50 Cent's "Power Of A Dollar"?

Middle of a quest then my power goes out. I'm boutta kill a baby

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